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Click here to download article "Counseling Couples Through Separation" by Terry Levy and Wendy Joffe


Take Charge of Your Life
with Psychologist, and Personal/Executive Coach Wendy Joffe of Miami, FL

Dr. Wendy Joffe, of Miami, FL | Specializing in Energy Therapy approaches

Imagine hiring a personal consultant for life --someone with whom you can discuss individual relationship difficulties and receive help in identifying and creating what you want in your life. I want to be that person.

"It was wonderful to have another person to speak to about goals, hopes, and fears whose only interest was my ultimate success in achieving my goals."

As a psychotherapist and coach, I love to work with individuals, couples and groups towards problem resolution and personal goal fulfillment. I also love to help community groups and business groups develop skills and reach their goals.

I use a "holistic" approach in my work which incorporates energy psychology techniques including:

  • Body Talk - An energy based approach which identifies priorities and helps the brain balance and restore communication within the body

  • E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • N.E.T (Neuro-Emotional Technique)

  • E.M.D.R (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and

  • PSYCH-K (Psych-Kinesiology)

I have also written numerous articles and co-authored a book "Stages of Healing: a Guide to Counseling Adult Children of Alcoholics.  I have been the Co-Chair of the Women's Issues Committee of the Miami-Dade County Psychological Association since 1992.

About Me: I am a 65 year old woman, married with 3 grown boys. I have a stepson and a daughter-in-law and 3 grandsons. I have been working as a clinician, coach and teacher for 40 years. I am blessed that I do work which I love. I like exploring and learning for myself and to be able to offer new ideas and tools for the people I serve.

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