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Click here to download article "Counseling Couples Through Separation" by Terry Levy and Wendy Joffe

Take Charge of Your Life
with Psychologist, and Personal/Executive Coach Wendy Joffe of Miami, FL

Dr. Wendy Joffe, of Miami, FL |  Personal Coach | Executive CoachPersonal and executive coaching offers  you the opportunity to focus on your particular objectives. The focus of the sessions would be placed on clarifying your individual wants and goals and developing strategies to accomplish them. Individual coaching sessions can occur along with or without your participation in a telegroup or group coaching workshop. The benefit of an individual coaching session is all the attention is on you and activating a plan to reach your goals.

Coaching Gets Results

  • take your goals and dreams more seriously.

  • stop putting up with what is dragging you down.

  • take more effective and focused actions immediately.

  • make the most of your gifts and talents and learn new ones.

  • rearrange your time and priorities - do more of what you want.

  • develop a system of follow up and accountability for your goals and actions.

  • create momentum so that you get results.

  • identify roadblocks to your goals and confront obstacles to achieving your results.

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